Rough Edges



     It is for our present happiness and our future good that God subjects us to discipline. The greatest blessing that His children have is the discipline that He sends them. He never leads them otherwise than they would choose to be led if they could see the end from the beginning and discern the glory of the purpose that they are fulfilling, as workers together with Him.     

     The divine Worker spends little time on worthless material. Only the precious jewels does He polish after the similitude of a palace, cutting away the rough edges. The process is severe and trying; Christ cuts away the surplus surface, and putting the stone to the polishing wheel, presses it close, that all roughness may be worn off. Then, holding the jewel up to the light, the Master sees in it a reflection of Himself, and He pronounces it worthy of a place in His casket. . . .     

     My dear brother, look ever to Jesus, and bring heaven into your life here below. The road to heaven is narrow and the gate strait, but all who will may pass through the gate and walk in the narrow path. If we reach heaven at last, our heaven must begin here below. The more of heaven that we bring into life here, the greater will be our happiness in the home above.     

     Let your mind dwell on the goodness of God, on the great love wherewith He has loved you. If He did not love you, He would not have given Jesus to die for you. His everlasting arms are underneath you. In all your afflictions He is afflicted. "Strong is the strength that God supplies, through His eternal Son."--Letter 69, April 23, 1903, to a young man suffering affliction. 

TDG 122